ballpoint pen

Added on by katherine blackburne.

Spirit of rebellion.

Every ragged raw edge

Every jaggered thought


Shaken loose

Shucked off

And poured out.


Yes, I certainly do identify with spirit of rebellion.

That creative fire burns pretty deeply.


I'm trying to let the mercurial part of the self that dances on the other side of the line of what is considered known and actual (in the less charted territory without definition or map) resolve to find its definition without the known mystic and religious paths.

To let it always be in a groove completely my own.

Or, to be completely without the well worn linear grooves and sliding around in several dimensions at once. Like the tip of a ballpoint pen on slick marble surface catching on nothing leaving no mark and lifted to sign a name in the air instead. It is written but there exists no trace.

no trace no law and no inevitable boundaries.

Letting your personal magic resolve to the rules according to someone else's mesiah or plan only ends in the disappointing 'leap of faith ' culdesac of organized religious belief.

there, I said it.