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Everyone from tribal youngers to tribal grey feathers cast eyes down.

Look up look up look up look up

Look up from the ground in front of you look up from that persons knee look up from your fancy pants and your belly button and see the sweat dripping into each other's closed eyes.

Glimpse each other’s yearning for a better self.

You don't dance with personalities? just beside them, around them, within and without, lost inside of one.

Channel the ghost pummel the host

Gulp from the cup, just don't look up.

Squint, glance through pressed lashes open just far enough to catch.

My breath, and you disappearing around a corner, so fast. you're a master marksman and drafter of hearts after all it seems.

In stillness the proximity made the hairs on my neck stand on end gave my chest this jangling ringing as though the bell itself was tolling on the inside.

Ahh what would you do with your dying breath.