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         Hangar Artists Getting Attention at Scope 2013

                           Wynwood's Hangar Gallery Showing off New Work

            Masterful street artist Shepard Fairy and Entourage's Adrian Greiner rank among the collectors of some of the emerging artists coming to the 2013 Scope Art Fair. Lena Viddo, Katherine Blackburne  and Greg Auerbach are among 20 artists represented at Scope by The Hangar Gallery of Wynwood. The fair runs during Art Basel week  December 2nd through December 8th from 11-8pm on the beach near Ocean Drive and 9th Street in South Beach.

                  The Hangar will have more than 600 Square feet of art on display from international artists from Argentina, Australia, Venezuela, Israel, Spain, Russia, Brazil,U.K…etc, as well as the U.S. The show will present contemporary, modern and tech/mixed media art including stencil work, digital works using LED diodes, digital screens and cut out sculptures using Tyvek material among other mediums.

                  "We started The Hangar just two years ago and to already be included in the Scope Fair really speaks to the kind of emerging artists we are finding out there," says Hector Garcia-Rojas, founder, CEO and curator of the gallery.


Katherine Blackburne                   Juan Asnares                                          Pnina Yutman                                             

Greg Auerbach                                  Daniel Loizaga                                      Andres Risquez

Griselda Lechini                               Eliana Iturbe                                     Andres Risquez

Lena Viddo                                         Lee Downey                                     Pnina Yutman

Ernesto Kunde                                  Dodit Artawan                                     Natasha Kertes

Gina Martynova                                David Lavernia

Andrew Ringler                                               Claudio Castillo

Karla Caprali                                                    Presa Hall



For more information please contact

Hector Garcia –Rojas

Direct: 305-510-6800