Born in London. Raised in Australia. Living and working in New York City.

If there is one unifying element to my work thus far it would have to be ‘the gaze’, in all its forms – About 25 years ago I read some graffiti on a wall that simply said “return of the gaze” I’ve been struck by the power of this statement and have been trying to get to the sublime core of it’s meaning ever since.



2018           Painting Summer Intensive, Columbia University School of the Arts, NYC

2017           BFA School of Visual Arts NYC

1993-1995 BVA Illustration Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia


2014           DUBLIN BIENNIAL, Dublin Ireland

2013           ART BASEL MIAMI “SCOPE” USA

2012           ART BASEL MIAMI “VERGE”  USA

2006          ART MELBOURNE Australia



2018           Big Ringer, Andrew Edlin Gallery, NYC curated by Andrew Guentha

2017           Summer Invitational, GREENPOINT GALLERY, NYC

2016            Future Critical, DANIEL COONEY GALLERY, NYC

2016           LinkedIn, curated by Suzanne Anker, SVA GALLERY, NYC

2014            Postcards from the Edge, LURING AUGUSTINE GALLERY, NYC

2013            '11' Curated by Iona Rozeal Brown, PRESENT COMPANY, NYC 

2013            'Playtime', FAMILY BUSINESS GALLERY NYC

2012            ‘Cold Castle Collective’ Artist Showcase, HONEYSPACE NYC

2012            “Chelsea Artist Showcase” GALLERY 1024 Chelsea NYC

2011             Old York Road, WHITE BOX PROJECTS, NYC

2011             Postcard Benefit for Ai Wei Wei, WHITE BOX PROJECTS, NYC

2010            Performance Piece with Mike Kelley LONG ISLAND SCULPTURE CENTER, NYC

2008            ROVING EYE Seven Australian Artists, ROBERT STEELE GALLERY NYC

2005            Courier Mail Annual Art ShowAustralia.

2004            Invitational TRANS –Australian Emerging Artists in NYC  Pop-up gallery Dumbo Brooklyn

2003            Invitational Group DENISE BIBRO FINE ART, Chelsea, NYC

2002            Summer Art Symposium, Twin Waters Resort Australia

2001 / 2000/ 1999 “Annual Show” Immanuel  Arts Prize     Brisbane,  Australia

2000           TRANSFORMATORIUM GALLERY 113, Ludlow Street (NYC)

1998            RED, GLOBAL GALLERY, Sydney Australia

1997            Contemporary Emerging Art , SKYGARDEN GALLERY Sydney Australia

1997            Group Invitational TAP GALLERY Sydney Australia


2009            Heaven, COLLECTIVE HARDWARE, Bowery NYC

2006            NewWork, NEO GALLERY Brisbane Australia

2005            Recent Work MAHONEY'S GALLERIES, Melbourne Australia

2004            The Manufacture of Tears, Dick Marks Australian Film Company

2003            Voidy Redness Part 2,  71 MERCER STREET (POP -UP) , NYC

2003            Voidy Redness,  Studio Show, Tribeca, NYC


2001            Live Art Session ‘The DJ Project’ The World Trade Center NYC

2001            Live Art Session ‘The DJ Project’  LIQUIDS , NYC

2001            Recent Works,TONGUE & GROOVE GALLERY,  BrisbaneAustralia

2001            THE BEGINNING OF NIGHT, Dick Marks Australian Film Company

1999            THE END OF MOTH SEASON, FOX GALLERY  Brisbane Australia

1997            CHEEKY PEOPLE, FATZ GALLERY Sydney Australia

1996            UNTITLED ASTRA GALLERY Sydney Australia

1996             KURLS FATZ GALLERY Sydney Australia

1996             ALL SOULED OUT Empire Hotel Brisbane, Australia

1996             Live Art Sessions@ Empire Hotel Brisbane, Australia



Dick Marks Australian Film Company

Aria Property Group International

Forrester Kurts Properties

Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Australia

Alila Hotels and Resorts, Indonesia

Empire Hotel and Nightclub Group, Brisbane Australia

 Private Collections

Held in private collections in Australia, Indonesia, France, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Italy, Germany and Sweden.